The Campodata Platform provides visibility for day to day operations of service organizations such as sales, merchandising and maintenance. Monitors compliance of actual field conditions against business standards or agreements for specific locations, chains, channels, zones, areas, etc. Assigns performance scores to staff and supervisors for use in incentive programs or performance monitoring. Provides daily actionable intelligence with alerts and dashboards for supervisors and management. Possibility of correlating campodata data with other sources of data. For example: internal sales, point of sale (i.e. Retail Link), market data (i.e. Nielsen), for retail organizations.


Simple Dashboard Mobile Apps to monitor current conditions of stores, locations or facilities.


See what needs to be done and who needs to do it based on captured data from the field.


Monitor changes across time. See patterns and trends. Monitor staff performance.


Set standards of execution. Monitor those standards against data captured in the field.


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Compatible on all devices, mobile first

Our platform was developed taking in consideration that most of our users will be on the field, away from their desks or too busy to sit down to analyze excel files and daily email reports. Our Android and iPhone mobile apps offer all the tools needed by your staff to capture data in the field. It also provides the tools to provide consise / actionable data to all levels of supervision and management.


Advanced reports, if you need them

We provide additional analysis tools that will allow you to create reports, pivot tables, and comparative analysis based on real time captured data. We can also integrate with existing systems in order to add value to your current operation.